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Carl Clarke M.H.S., RPAC, is a board-certified physician assistant, aesthetic injection trainer,  Master Injector,  Trainer-Educator, and established practitioner of aesthetic medicine licensed in New York, Connecticut, and Florida. Known to everyone as “Clarke”, he is the founder of Creative Aesthetics of New York, where he has devoted himself to the art of aesthetic medicine for over 15 years. Clarke’s knowledge is built on a foundation of experience and affiliate residencies that has spanned orthopedics, hand surgery, and holistic health to name a few.


Over the past ten years, Clarke has become a key figure in the New York and Tri-State region as a speaker, educator, and trainer to hundreds of medical professionals working with aesthetic injections. In addition to the Tri-State region, Clarke teaches and demonstrates for over 50-60 practitioners and med spas combined in states throughout the U.S.


Clarke’s teaching philosophy is focused on prioritizing the patient. His goal is to help aesthetic injectors move beyond the how and journey into the what and why a patient might seek injection treatments. Clarke’s mission is to ensure every aesthetic injector knows how to achieve predictable and consistent patient outcomes using his atraumatic Diamond Touch Technique®. In his courses, Clarke breaks down a precise treatment protocol that he developed in order to give the patient the best outcome based on their individual and unique qualities.

Clarke is dedicated to innovation in aesthetic medicine and the continuous development of protocols in assessment and treatment. He is committed to helping all beginner and advanced injectors move beyond stagnant methods and outdated techniques toward new protocols that are experience-driven and patient-centered.


Clarke is a graduate of the Bayley Seton Medical School, St. Johns University B.S. and Saint Francis University Masters in health science. Originally from Barbados, he lives in NYC, with his wife and two children. When not practicing aesthetic medicine and teaching, Clarke enjoys his art of painting and sculpting. His works e,g, the Serenity Tree series has been debuted and showcased in New York City’s venues. In 2020, he launched the Diamond Works podcast, a podcast where he explores all things beautiful with you.


American Practitioner Collaboration Network

Founder: Carl, L. Clarke, M.H.S., RPAC is a key Aesthetic speaker, Aesthetic Master Injector, and Medical Aesthetic Educator. Creator of the Diamond Touch Technique®  designed to near-eliminate complications while providing optimal patient results.

“APCN was created to bring Physicians and NP/PAs together to offer the best in patient care collaboration for the comprehensive benefit of all involved.”


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